Student at alumni event.

"For it is in 给 that we Receive."

- St. 弗朗西斯的阿西西

Studies show that charitable giving is proven to have a positive impact on people. It reduces stress, improves life satisfaction, and makes us generally feel happy.

在一起, we can ensure future generations of students have the opportunity to experience the Harvey difference. 这样做, we must continue to preserve and enhance our historic campus and facilities and attract and retain the same high caliber of faculty that we have today.

Here are some ways you can help:


每年, the 年度基金 drive raises funds to support daily operations, support our teachers and academic program, and provide tuition assistance for students.

威尔的房子 & 谷仓复杂

Welcoming a new vision for our campus, The 威尔的房子 and Barn will be transformed into a welcoming stop for all families and visitors when they arrive on campus.


Contributing to Harvey's endowment is "the gift that keeps on giving." It is a vital resource and supports a variety of purposes within the school's operating budget.

父母 pointing to the annual fund sign

一个多世纪以来, 哈维的学校 has been providing an exceptional educational experience to a diverse group of students. Committed to small class sizes with individualized instruction, our teachers bring an unparalleled passion into the classroom that challenges each child to reach his or her highest potential.


There are many ways to support our students, faculty, 项目, and campus.